Monday, March 25, 2013

Art by Teresa Koska

Teresa Koska
Jan 18, 1968-Oct 30, 2015
Artist, Teresa Koska, graduated from UNCW with a BA degree in Fine Arts.  As owner of Premiere Events, Teresa used her talents creating Wilmington’s first & finest full scale event design company.  Her unique ideas and artistic touches set Teresa apart by providing her clients with memorable occasions specifically designed for them.

Teresa found joy in painting as a release from the everyday demands of a busy lifestyle.  Her paintings are an expression of her love for art and beauty.  With subjects centered around her hometown of Wilmington, NC, Teresa transformed the canvas through her use of depth and layers to draw her audience into the nature which surrounds them.

Teresa passed away on Oct 30, 2015 after a long battle with cancer.  In memory of our dear sister, Atlanta's Art offers Teresa's collection of prints with proceeds going to her son, Grant, and the charities she supported.  Teresa had a generous nature and a sincere desire to help others.

"Fort Fisher Tree" by Teresa Koska

"Fort Fisher Shoreline" by Teresa Koska
"Sand Dune at Fort Fisher" by Teresa Koska

"Bridge at Greenfield Lake" by Teresa Koska

"Trees at Fort Fisher" by Teresa Koska
"Harbor Island Boat" by Teresa Koska

"Downtown Wilmington" by Teresa Koska

"Trees on a Bluff" by Teresa Koska
"Lake Tahoe" by Teresa Koska
"Lilies" by Teresa Koska

"Emerald Bay" by Teresa Koska

"Lilly Pads and Bridge at Greenfield Lake"
by Teresa Koska

"Temple Gardens" by Teresa Koska

"Lighthouse in the Mist" by Teresa Koska

"Garden Flowers" by Teresa Koska

"Garden Doorway" by Teresa Koska

"Girl Flying a Kite" by Teresa Koska

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Art by Lana Prince

"Cooper River Bridge" by Lana Prince
Lana Prince graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Studio Art.  She has continued her studies with Graphic Design courses at Wake Technical college.  Lana created the Logo for Atlanta's Art!

 Lana created these two Cinderella paintings for Jenny's room to match her princess theme.

"Cinderella's Pumpkin" by Lana Prince
"Cinderella's Crown" by Lana Prince

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Art by Heike McDoniel

Heike McDoniel -

"Art with Heart"

Artist, Heike McDoniel, has teamed with Atlanta's Art to use her artwork in our charity promotions for those in need. 

*  Heike's first offering is "St. Peter's Church by the Sea" or "Topsail Beach Homes" as a "Thank You" gift for your donation of a $25 gift card to the Good Shepherd Center for their campaign to feed their newly housed clients a Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner.

* Heike also supports "A Sea Of Hope Orphan Ministry" through additional prints from her collection below.

*  Heike's "Art with Heart" campaign continues with her donation of prints of "The Painted Church." Art prints will be sent to St. Benedict Roman Catholic Church in Hawaii to help raise money to feed numerous homeless and starving people from that area. Donations are made to:

* Easter springs eternal with Heike's Hawaiian flower print, "Heliconia" released for the first time as a thank you gift for donations to feed the hungry at the Good Shepherd Center.

* "Abreast of Hope" was created from Heike's inspiration to bring God's love to women battling breast cancer.  This print is now available through Atlanta's Art - "Beauiful in Pink" series as a fundraiser for

To order prints from Heike:

To order fundraiser prints, just send an e-mail to:

"Abreast of Hope" by Heike McDoniel


"Love Boats" by Heike McDoniel
"Topsail Beach Homes" by Heike McDoniel
"St. Peter's Church by the Sea" by Heike McDoniel

"Patience" by Heike McDoniel


"Kona Church" by Heike McDoniel

"The Painted Church" by Heike McDoniel
"Heliconia" by Heike McDoniel

Friday, November 2, 2012

Art by Rebecca McDoniel

Rebecca McDoniel
Introducing artist, Rebecca McDoniel.  Rebecca joins her mother, Heike McDoniel, in their mission: "Art with Heart" to help families in crises through organizations like the Good Shepherd Center and the Ronald McDonald House.

A message from Rebecca...
"Hi, I am Rebecca McDoniel.  I am 11 years old and love to paint butterflies and fairies.  My hope is that my art can be used to help other children in need." 

Rebecca is calling her series "Art with Heart - From Child to Child."  100% of your donation will go to the Ronald McDonald House in Durham, NC.   Thank you for your donations!

Rebecca at "A Sea of Hope Orphan Ministries" auction

"Le Papillon Danse" by Rebecca McDoniel

"Les Papillons" by Rebecca McDoniel

"Des Tresors Dans le Jardin" by Rebecca McDoniel
"Jardin de Fleurs" by Rebecca McDoniel

"Jardin des Merveilles" by Rebecca McDoniel

"Voyage de Paon" by Rebecca McDoniel

"Papillon Delicat" by Rebecca McDoniel

"Beaute Magique" by Rebecca McDoniel

"Think Big" by Rebecca McDoniel

"Danse de la Magie" by Rebecca McDoniel

"Colors of India" by Rebecca McDoniel
"Dreaming on the Windowsill"
by Rebecca McDoniel

"Ange de Lune"
By Rebecca McDoniel

"Swan of Dawn Lake"
by Rebecca McDoniel
"Indian Girl"
by Rebecca McDoniel

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Art by Catherine Carter

Catherine Carter
Atlanta's Art signs artist, Catherine Carter, to help distribute and promote prints from her "Art To Cure Diabetes" series as a fundraiser for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). 

A note from Catherine... "Hi, my name is Catherine Carter, and I am 13 years old. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on April 4, 2011. I was taking art lessons at the time with artist, Deborah Cavenaugh, and painting brings me great joy. I decided to put my talent to good use. All the profits from my art will go to help people with diabetes, like me. My wish is to be a small part of funding a cure and a better way of life while sharing my art with you. Help me and JDRF to improve the life of every person affected by T1D through research for curing, better treating, and preventing the disease."

"Together We Make Our Way"
This is a joint piece created by both Catherine Carter and her art teacher, Deborah Cavenaugh.
Deborah has released the rights to Catherine for this image, and
Catherine has chosen to use it for her fundraising efforts for JDRF. 
The original sold for $1,000.00 at their annual gala.
"Fishes of the Sea"
by Catherine Carter

"The Ocean Gate"
by Catherine Carter
"The Other World"
by Catherine Carter

"The Jungle Passage"
by Catherine Carter

"Explorer of the Deep"
by Catherine Carter

"Butterfly Flowers"
by Catherine Carter